Subscription commerce: revolution or hype?

In the latest edition of Tijdschrift voor Marketing, the leading strategic marketing journal in The Netherlands, our Harvest consultants Eric Klaassen and Sibren Tadema published an article about subscription commerce. Subscription commerce is the latest phenomena in online retail. In the article the question is answered whether subscription commerce is just another hype or is here to stay. Subscriptions have several competitive advantages as it lowers costs, and improves opportunities for cross and up-sell. With the rise of subscription commerce, managers and business leaders are faced with new challenges. The consultants give recommendations how to deal with these challenges, and stress the importance of customer satisfaction.


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Three myths about Google AdSense refuted

There are some myths about Google AdSense optimisations. Consultant at Harvest Amsterdam and advertising specialist Peter Koning will address three of them in his article. These include optimisations that can increase your AdSense revenues significantly.


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Comparison sites create value for brands

By analyzing data from international comparison site player Compare Group, Harvest has found that - contrary to popular belief - comparison sites actually create value for brands. Harvest e-retail lead Sander Roose summarizes the findings in his article.


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Harvest's Project Online Shelf for Compare Group

Harvest's project for international comparison site player Compare Group was picked up by e-commerce magazine Twinkle. This article proofs that comparison domains have a huge influence on the purchase decision of consumers. Both for online and offline purchases. 


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Daan Sanders (MD interview for FD

Daan Sanders, MD, was interviewed by the Financeel Dagblad (FD) in September 2010. Here he explains the beauty and challenges of being an entrepreneur and the success formula of the fastest growing B2B services website


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