Designers are the outliers not the users

If one thing can be learned from joining the Nielsen Norman Group usability week it is that user testing is of utmost importance because, as a designer or product manager, you can’t rely on the presumption that all users will think like yourself.


Harvest consultants Selina van Panhuys, Peter Koning and Sibren Tadema joined the usability week in Amsterdam organized by the Nielsen Norman Group. Jakob Nielsen is the internationally recognized expert on usability and user testing. The insights gathered during their user tests are the basis for their seminars ranging from basic guidelines of high performing web pages to the psychology behind the behavior of your users. The Harvest consultants joined several seminars and through this expanded their knowledge and skills about product development, which will assist them in their future work for Harvest’s clients.


One general insight to keep in mind during all product development: chances are, unless you work for Facebook, that people spend most of their time not on your site. So don’t make them re-learn navigating the web and stick with widely accepted best practices. Hence, keep the shopping cart on the top right where your users will look for it.